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Dr Heinz's surgery is a scary place for young Declan O'Rourke at He is in constant danger of springing an erection. He just wants to get the examination over and done with so he can go home. But with the doctor otherwise occupied, it falls to Kelly to make a start. First things first, he must be stripped of his underwear so she can check over his naked body.
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Authentic, real, genuine athletes, amateur males going through staged medical examinations and procedures. First prostate exam - all the grunts, moans, gasps and embarrassing erections. Rectum examinetion: penetration with fingers and instruments.
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The headmaster is very impressed with Daniel Taylor - he has the potential to be an excellent assistant PE teacher. But there are some worrying gaps in his CV. For instance, nowhere does it list the girth of his penis or depth of his anus. If Daniel wants to work at St Dunstan's he'll have to submit to a full physical examination where every part of his naked body will be explored.
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The two doctors prepare for a surgery. Soon they have to operate Busty Teen... In the video section it goes on with Busty's upcoming medical shaving. Have fun with the 100 new pictures and 10 new video minutes.
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Real medical examination, including: undressing the girl, checking physical, breasts inspection, rectal and vaginal examination using various medical instruments.
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Male patient strips and be intimately examined by the female doctor. The pretty young nurse captures every moment of man’s humiliation on camera.
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